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We offer our customers only the best: The right product, the highest quality, an attractive price, a fast delivery.

We strive to find the best product to meet your exact specifications. We can provide custom orders to your exact specifications. Simply tell us what you are looking for, and we will find you the best possible deal.

We procure our turkey and chicken from select suppliers in Poland, South America, England, and Germany. Our longstanding and dependable partners guarantee the highest product quality and a first-rate processing system.

Oakland Foods / Wholesale

Oakland Foods is a subsidiary of Leckina GmbH. Under this brand, we supply businesses in the gastronomy industry worldwide with delicious poultry products: chicken wings, breaded chicken legs, nuggets, burgers, kebabs, strips, etc. Our products are real crowd pleasers: juicy, spicy, tender, and delicious. See for yourself!

We purchase/trade in/distribute prepared and convenience products from Poland, Hungary, and Thailand. These products have been prepared according to custom guidelines provided by our customers and our routinely checked in terms of quality and processing methods. Our prepared and convenience products come from a range of distributors in Poland, Hungary, and Thailand, and are prepared according to the specifications of our customers. We perform routine quality control and manufacturing process checks for all of our suppliers.